June 25, 2014 - Ocean Trip
New Salmon Queen, Emeryville

                                                      Photographs courtesy of RT Member Wilfried Wietstock - wilfriedwietstockphotographer.com


Ivan Hotz Captain of the New Salmon Queen at the controls.  Jim checks-in 19 Rooster Tails Members & Guests. After picking-up four large scoops of live bait we headed out of the bay with cool 53 degrees air temperature.

Once past the Golden Gate Bridge, we headed north for the 1 ½ hour trip along the Marin County coast towards Point Reyes.  The boat was pounded with open-ocean waves 5-7+ feet plus 10-15+ mph winds… hanging-on was the rule for the early morning ride. By mid-morning, the weather conditions improved dramatically with the ocean laying-down with 1-5 waves and only light winds.  Our rods were set-up by the deck-hands with thin-wire 3-way-splitter-swivels with 3-foot leaders, a single 3/0 octopus hook, and 12 ounce sinkers on 18-inch drop-lines.  Captain Ivan would locate schools of fish and would position the boat and idle over them in 80-90 feet of water.  We would then lower the sinker to the bottom, then back-off it by 3-5 reel cranks.  The bag-limit for rock cod is 10 fish per angler plus 2 lingcod that were 22” or longer. 

RT Member Ric Cox landed two legal sized lings along with a limit of rock cod.  Virtually all anglers had bag limits of rock cod, and dozens of under-sized lingcod were hooked and released by the deckhands.

Rooster Tail Club Member Mike Steer won the boat big-fish jackpot with this 33 ½ inch lingcod.  Mike fished from the bow of the boat and used a live, 12”+ ocean-trout as bait.  This ling-beauty was caught along the Marin Coastline near Duxbury Towers in about 90 feet of water.

Participating members and guests were:  Al Sweeney, Art Stonebraker, Bev Mierkey, Brad Alexander, Chuck Mierkey, Darrin Bell, Ed Bell, Jim Petruk, JR Greenlee, Larry Thomas, Mike Smithline, Mike Steer, Razz Ortiz, Rik Cox, Ron Jones, Richard Greenlee, Wilfried Wietstock, Steve Lenheim Chris Jones, Dan Barret was unable to attend.

Wilfried Wieststock has been a professional photographer for 45 years.  The Rooster Tails Fishing Club is proud to have him as a fellow fisherman and member in our club.




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