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NTOs are monthly (Non-Tournament fishing Outings) are just for fun fishing events for all Rooster Tail Members, their spouses, and guests (over the age of 18 years old).  Pending weather conditions, the NTO will be held on Tuesday of the week following the breakfast meeting.  If inclement weather is on Tuesday, the alternate rain day for the NTO will be on Thursday of the same week.  If both Tuesday and Thursday are not conducive for fishing, as determined by the Board of Directors, the NTO will be canceled for the month. 

The Rooster Tails Board of Directors will choose a couple of potential NTO fishing sites for the event.  Friday breakfast meeting attendees will vote for one of the fishing-sites that they feel would offer the best opportunity to catch fish the following Tuesday.  An email would be sent to all club members to advise them of where the fishing NTO will be held, launch time, and optional assembly time near the launch area.

On the day prior to the breakfast meeting, (normally the Thursday preceding our third Friday breakfast meeting) a long-range weather forecast for the NTO date will be presented to the breakfast attendees.  The date/day chosen by the majority of attendee’s would also be announced and posted on the dry-marker board as attendees exit the Lodge. 

There is no sign-up to participate in a NTO, no entry fees, launch at safe-light, with a gathering of participants near the launch area for an optional no-host late lunch/snack and beverage.  Rooster Tail members must have a liability waiver on file to participate in a NTO.  Members with signed liability waivers on file may have guests on-board their boats during a NTO.   An optional big fish dollar or two per angler for a cash-pot paid before the NTO launching.  Pay-out of a big-fish-pot would be made at the gathering point, probably in the launch area parking lot.  The decision on what constitutes a ‘big fish’ would be determined by the participants based on weigh and/or length.  The winner would be chosen by the participants.


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