Jan. 17, 2020 Meeting Info


Guest Speaker Capt. Michael Peckham



The Rooster Tails Fishing Club is proud to announce that Captain Micheal Peckham will be their January 17th breakfast guest speaker and host for a special seminar for fishing Pyramid cutthroat trout.  As part of his seminar, Micheal has invited select tackle manufacturers to display Pyramid related lures for breakfast attendees to examine firsthand.  Experienced as well as novice anglers are invited to attend this free seminar and gain valuable information not otherwise available.

What does Pro Fishing Guide Captain Micheal Peckham do on his days off when not guiding on the Delta and Central Valley Rivers?  As owner of MJP River Adventures & Guide Service, he takes buddies with him to fish for the spectacular Lahontan cutthroat Trout on Pyramid Lake, Nevada.  Rooster Tails Fishing Club Member and a well-respected California guide, Micheal has taken the easy drive from the Auburn area to Pyramid Lake for many years.  By not serving as a Pyramid guide, Michael has taken his time to leisurely experiment with a variety of both off-the-shelf as well as unique trout lures.  Relying on his custom Rogue Jet Boat that is equipped with state-of-art electronics, he has perfected effective lure presentation speeds and an effective strategy to target trophy trout.

Pyramid Lake Nevada is the home of the largest Cutthroat Trout in the world.  These massive Lahontan Cutthroat Trout grow to fantastic sizes up to and over 20 pounds in the high alkali waters of Pyramid Lake.  The PH at Pyramid measures over 8.5 on the scale. The staple food source for these monster fish are the Tui Chubs.  Along with the giant cutthroat, the lake supports the rare Cui-ui fish that is found nowhere else on Earth except at Pyramid Lake.  Pyramid is a desert lake located approximately 30 miles northeast of Sparks Nevada.  The lake is fed from Lake Tahoe via the Truckee River. Pyramid Lake is the last remaining water from the ancient Lahontan Sea of over 15,000 years ago.  Pyramid has no outlet and the water levels go down with evaporation.  The native people of the area are the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe.  They inhabited the land for centuries prior to the arrival of John Fremont in 1844.  The Paiutes lived off of the wildlife in the area eating the Cui-ui and the Cutthroat.  Pyramid Lake is located on the Paiute Reservation and is governed by the Tribe.  The Tribal Offices are located in the town of Nixon. The Tribe produces the “Pyramid” strain of Lahontan Cutthroat.  The fishery speaks for itself, the Paiute Tribe has done an outstanding job with their management.  Unlike other fisheries, Micheal will explain the lake’s fishing regulations, permits, and slot limits, and other guidelines for enjoying your time fishing Pyramid Lake.

More information about Captain Micheal Peckham can be found at www.mjpguide.com.