Jackpot Fishing Contest  

2015 Annual Jackpot Contest Award Winners

L. to R; Mel Takahashi, Jerry Lampkin, Ivan Ichters, Steve Burgess, Larry Thomas, Ron Jones, Biff Brethour, Trudy Liske, Mike Pendleton, Ron Ruskauff, Mel Ewing. Other contest winners not attending the Awards Brunch were Gary Roberts, Rik Cox, and Razz Ortiz.

Thank you to the Rooster Tail Members that have already submitted their $10.00 entry fee along with their membership renewal to participate in the 2016 Annual Jackpot Contest for the longest 14 species caught between January 1 and November 30.  It is smart to get into the contest early since you never know when a winning-fish chooses you to put them on the contest board.  The contest rules are the same as last year including a random drawing from contest entries for ‘the one that got away’ (TOGA Award).  Ron Ruskauff had the wisdom to enter the 2015 contest despite not having a winning fish, he won the TOGA Award and the same amount of cash as the rest of contest winners. 

As another busy year gets underway, don’t delay in entering the 2016 Jackpot Contest by seeing Mel Ewing, Contest Chairman, at our Friday Breakfast meeting.  To ensure that you are included in the contest, you can also enter the contest by sending a $10.00 entry fee check to RTFC, P.O. Box 7441, Auburn, CA 95604.  Include a note saying ‘Jackpot Contest’.  Also, stop-by to see the contest entry board entries and photos.  Mel will also have entry form for you to put in your tackle box.

Jackpot Contest Information

Rooster Tail Members in good standing may enter the Club’s Annual Jackpot Fishing Contest by paying an entry fee of $10.00 to the Contest Chairman or Club Treasurer. The payment must be made 2 weeks in advance of your entry and any time between the starting and ending contest dates.  No fish-entry will be accepted without a two-week prior entry fee payment.  The contest runs from January 1 through November 30 and only fish caught within this term qualify for the contest.  Contest cash prizes and recognition certificates will be awarded at the Rooster Tails Annual Member’s Banquet in January of the following year.  Contest entrants that do not have a winning Jackpot Contest fish will have a chance (blind bogey) to win a proportionate cash prize based on a random drawing at the banquet.  Potential blind bogey winners must be present at the banquet to receive their prize.
Only the following fish species legally caught as defined by DF&W regulations in California inland waters or the ocean waters immediately adjoining the California coast or Delta qualify for an entry as listed on the Jackpot board:

  • Kokanee
  • Landlocked Salmon
  • River or Ocean King Salmon
  • Striped Bass
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Brown Trout
  • Lake Trout (Mackinaw)
  • Large Mouth Bass
  • Small Mouth Bass
  • Catfish
  • Shad
  • Crappie
  • Steelhead
  • Sturgeon

Only the total length of the fish measured on a straight-line from the tip of the nose to the end of the longest lobe of the tail (except Sturgeon to be measured from the nose to the ‘V’ in the fork of the tail) is to be documented on a contest entry form.  Ties for the same length fish species will split that share of the total cash for that species.  Fish weight is only for informational purposes and no bearing on entry parameters.  Contest entrants are encouraged to release all fish not intended to be kept for table-fare.  Catch and release entries are to be confirmed with a photo and witnessed by a current member of the Rooster Tails Fishing Club.  All final determination of Jackpot contest winners and the resolution of any conflicts is at the discretion of the Rooster Tail’s Board of Directors.

The catch entry form along with a photo must be submitted to the Contest Chairman by hand, mail, or email within 30 days of the catch-date.  Entry forms are available from the club web site under the club events tab and clicking on Jackpot contest.  Verbal entry information will not qualify as an official Jackpot entry.  The leading entries will be posted on the Jackpot Contest Board displayed at every third Friday breakfast meeting.


Click HERE to download and print the Jackpot Contest Entry Form & rules.
Click here to download the Jackpot Contest Entry form


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