Nov. 17, 2017 Meeting Info

Bilt to Bite Wooden Lure Manufacturer
Tom Reeves, Owner


The Rooster Tails Fishing Club invites all interested fishing men, women, and non-member guests to learn about a catching trophy fish using custom handmade wooden lures at their November 17th breakfast meeting.  This will be a unique opportunity to hear a special guest speaker Tom Reeves, owner of Bilt to Bite wooden lures are made and used in scoring a wall-hanger fish.

Live bait has long been a fixture of the fishing scene with lure manufacturers striving to create artificial lures that imitate nature’s creations.  Since the sport fishing Dark Ages, countless fish have fallen for the inherent attraction of various earthly-born forage impaled on a hook.  However since, the fishing labs have toiled-away to find an alternative to live bait that mimics their size, features, swimming motion, color, and even the smell to be better than what nature created.  Too often though, the bait was created in mind to catch the angler to buy it, rather than catching fish.  The result is that many lure and bait manufacturers put considerable emphasis on packaging, displays, and promotion rather than proof that their product actually catches fish.

The Rooster Tails Fishing Club has discovered a very special entrepreneur and custom wood lure manufacturer and club member Tom Reeves.  Tom says he has always enjoyed making things from wood, so wood working foundation was set.  As a prolific fisherman, Tom could not find lures that he wanted to perform to his satisfaction.  He study various materials, shapes and of course color patterns that he felt would attract quality fish.  Although he was using other wood lures and began to “hunt” larger fish without a lot of success with them he decides to explore making his own wood lures.  This became a passion with hundreds of hours dedicated to making his own lures. It became a lengthy learning process for eight years, that included fishing with some of the best fishermen that he knew, while experimenting with all sorts of shape, sizes, and color patterns, and of course field testing and putting in the hours of work and attention to detail resulted in one of the finest wooden lures on the market.   The true test was when other fishermen caught fish on his hand made one of a kind lures.

Tom, his wife of 40 years, and their two grown children have lived in Auburn for the past thirty years regularly enjoying camping, fishing and the outdoors together.  He retired from thirty-five years with the Placer County Water Agency in 2016.  Tom grew-up hunting and fishing in the Foothill and beyond, literally fishing every creek, stream, pond, and lake around adding to his depth as a knowledge of what fish want…

You can contact Tom at to introduce yourself, order lures, request special color combinations… all custom.



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