Quarterly Rooster Tails Member Fishing Tournaments  

All Rooster Tail Members including Lady Members and Family Members are invited to participate in the Rooster Tails Members ONLY fishing tournament.  Club members will compete as individual entrants for tournament cash and other prizes.  Since annual dues help subsidize costs and prizes, no guests, no non-members, no ‘ride-a-longs’ may be part of the tournament in any form.  All participants must have current paid annual dues and a signed liability waiver on file with the club. 

Individual club members participating in the tournament, fishing from boat or from shore, are requested to sign-up in advance along with submitting a $10 per person tournament entry fee.  There are no team requirements and no per boat entry fees.  Multiple members may fish from a single boat limited only by the safe and legal capacity of the boat.  For every 15 individual paid entries, upon the Board of Director’s discretion, the club may contribute $100 or more in cash or in-kind prizes. 

Each individual participant is responsible for catching and personally presenting one fish as a contest entry to the tournament Chairman.  Contestants are prohibited from trading catches in an attempt to win a prize which is considered unfair to fellow members and poor sportsmanship.  The tournament chairmen, chosen by the Board of Directors, using a Club provided measuring-devise, will measure each entry submitted no later than the 2:00 p.m. as shown on the Chairman’s cell phone.  Entries will not be accepted after 2:00 p.m. and will not qualify for prizes.  Each participant must be present to witness the measurement of their contest entry.  Tournament payouts for the four longest fish will share in the total prize money as per the following percentages:

  • 1st Place – 40%
  • 2nd Place – 30%
  • 3rd Place – 20%
  • 4th Place – 10%

Members not at the prior third Friday breakfast meeting may still participate by signing-up at the tournament site and paying their entry fee no later than mid-morning of tournament day.  Pre-tournament fishing is allowed, however, no fish may be held-over to tournament day check-in.  No entry fees will be accepted at the 2:00 p.m. check-in time.  Determination of tournament winners will be made by the Chairman at the tournament check-in point location.  Ties for the same fish-length will share equally in the place-percentage prize.  Any disputes will be the final decision of the Board of Directors.  Results of the tournament will be posted on the club web site and prizes awarded at the next club food function, e.g. breakfast meeting, picnic, luncheon.  The Board of Directors may choose to retain a small portion of the total tournament cash pool to off-set tournament costs.  The Board of Directors reserves the right to modify or change the tournament rules in advance of the tournament and distribute the changes in writing to the participants.

Tournament participants are encouraged to display a Rooster Tails ‘burgee’ (pendant) and set their VHF marine radio to channel 68.  Boats used in the tournament are to have PFDs on-board and comply with laws of the California Department of Boating and Waterways.  Individuals choosing not to be present by the check-in time must notify the tournament Chairman that they are leaving the fishing site or staying on the water relieving the club of any liability issues.  All Rooster Tail Member participants are reminded that tournaments are for fun and friendly competition and not to be taken too seriously.

2015 Member General Tournament Rules


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