The RT Board of Directors continues to closely monitor and evaluate developments of the coronavirus (COVID-19). As a result we have decided we must cancel the April 17 RT breakfast, the April 22 Members Only Folsom Fishing Tournament and the April 16  Emeryville Bay Fishing Trip. Refund checks are on the way to those who had paid for the outings. We plan to reschedule these events if we can. We hope to resume in May all of which will depend on the COVID-19 situation.

Please stay safe and healthy…we are thinking of all of you.

Judy Miller, Secretary
For the RT Board of Directors





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Monthly $15 wide-selection buffet Breakfast Meetings for Members & and
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Breakfast meetings include a 30 minute seminar by expert fishing guest

Members-Only fun fishing outings with cash & other prizes.
Members-Only Jackpot & Grand Slam fishing contests.
Members free Informative Monthly Newsletter & Current Website Info.
Adventure Travel Camping & Fishing Outings.
Members & invited guests Annual Holiday Banquet & party.
Member Group Purchase Discounts on fishing gear & guided fishing.
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