The best place to start is by saying who we are not. Our name and logo are not connected or related in any way to the rooster tail lure, the rooster tail fish, or any other organization using poultry or birds as their mascot. Although our club meetings are held in the Auburn Elk’s Lodge building, there is no affiliation with the Elks club. The Rooster Tails Fishing Club of Northern California, Incorporated is a non-profit organization of men and women, eighteen years old or older that have an interest in fishing and fishing related subjects. Our club’s stylized black and white logo of a rooster-caricature bears little resemblance to an image of a farmyard rooster. Our rooster logo sports a disproportionately large tail and comb representing a modern growing organization, but with roots that originated over three decades ago.

The exact origins of our club are a little murky with no written records, but rather a collection of stories that have been handed down from one club member to another. As we understand it, the original Rooster Tails Fishing Club was loosely founded by a retired military officer by the name of Leroy Hyde that lived in Auburn, California. In the early 1950’s, Leroy, and a handful of his retired friends, fished most days and regularly invited other anglers to join them.

As their circle of Auburn fishing friends gradually grew, Leroy’s military-mind organized them into what ultimately became a fishing club. Their primary goal was to have fun fishing, traveling, and sharing fishing secrets. Leroy’s club consisted of a couple dozen good old boys acting like ‘roosters’ that barred women from being members. The original club members have long since passed away, but their legacy of being devoted to fishing and their club name has survived and carried-on, still known as the Rooster Tails Fishing Club.

The Rooster Tails Fishing Club of Northern California, Incorporated, is a modern large organization that welcomes both men and women anglers with novice to expert fishing abilities. Our membership fishes mostly North Central California fresh waters as well as the Delta and adjoining ocean. The goal of the Rooster Tails is to provide members and guests with fishing related information in a fun, informal, and entertaining fashion. We achieve this goal through regular monthly third Friday breakfast meetings with expert fishing related guest speakers. Besides fishing, our members share in many fun activities including camping, adventure travel, and family events. Member’s fun and camaraderie has created many life-long friendships that have enhanced each individual’s fishing experience.