Holiday Luncheon & Party


These individuals have made a special investment in the Rooster Tails Fishing Club of Northern California, Inc. They are designated as Charter Members. We thank them for their vision and support.


Mel Arnot Ivan Ichters Jim Petruk
Mike Bashore Fred Jones Joyce Petruk
Suzi Bailey Ron Jones Mike Smithline
John Bergman Jerry Lampkin Art Stonebraker
John Biley Bill Langtry Laurie Sweeney
Steve Burgess Judy Miller Larry Thomas
John Chihorek Tug Miller Dennis Williams
Dan Crutchfield Steven Minnick Russ Wilson
Dale Daneman Nelson Money Gene Wise
Roy Enos Rick Moura Bill Zander
John Fee Bob Oles  
Richard Garcia Mike Peckham  
Tom Hyde Michael Pendleton