President's Message - 06/15/22

Fellow Rooster Tails,

June 17th guest speaker is Craig Newton speaking on how to catch Kokanee and launch ramp etiquette.  Doors open for the breakfast meeting at 7 am, Breakfast will start at 8 am, speaker at 9:00 am and then the raffle.

Last chance to sign up for the Jun 22 “Mel Ewing Memorial Tournament” at Bullard’s Bar at this breakfast. Again, checks only of $20/person to enter. Weigh in will be at the Dark Day parking lot starting at 12:30 and ending at 1:30 Sharp.  Pay out remains at 40%, 30%, 20%, and 10%.

Jackpot sign up remains at $20 which started Jan 1st and runs through Nov 30th. Entries accepted two weeks after your dated check. We already have several entries on the board, so get out there and hook’em!

Another pitch for help running the club. The BOD needs help from you if it is to continue operating. Now operating with 7 folks from the 9 needed. Summer has arrived with planned vacations for everyone. If you wish to support the Club please let us know.

Thank You

Mac McKendree, President






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Monthly $15 wide-selection buffet Breakfast Meetings for Members & and
       non-member Guests.

Breakfast meetings include a 30 minute seminar by expert fishing guest

Members-Only fun fishing outings with cash & other prizes.
Members-Only Jackpot fishing contests.
Members free Informative Monthly Newsletter & Current Website Info.
Adventure Travel Camping & Fishing Outings.
Members & invited guests Annual Holiday Banquet & party.
Member Group Purchase Discounts on fishing gear & guided fishing.
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